Photoshop Elements Techniques ceased publication in July 2016. We had a long, (mostly) fun ride, and we were sad to see it go. Unfortunately, the economics of publishing a small magazine were not in our favor at the end.

We owe an especially great debt of thanks to the tens of thousands of people who subscribed and renewed with us over the years—you made it easy and worthwhile for us to do our job day in and day out. We wish we could have gone on forever.


UPDATE (November 2017)

We have been working on a new project—Complete Digital Photography—that covers the world of digital photography, from shooting to post-production, and launched it in late Sepetmber. While the new site (and books) are not specific to Photoshop Elements, we still plan to have all the back issues of the magazine available (with an index) on the site, and are working on a plan to put the best of the PET video tutorials online. If you'd like me to email you with updates on this, use the form below to sign up for our Photoshop Elements Techniques email list (click the Updates checkbox). I promise you I will keep the emails infrequent, and I won't spam you with unnecessary email.


Rick LePage

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